Sunday, October 25, 2009

Control your workstation, use Screen Pass

If you want control over idle workstations, install Screen Pass. This screen locking system for Windows® extends the capability of the standard workstation.

So how does Screen Pass work?

Screen Pass can be configured to auto log of if the screen saver is running and inactivity continues past a second administrator defined timeout. The automatic log off can also be configured to occur after an admin defined time of day. It can be set to logout, restart, shutdown, or power down.

Screen Saver comes with password security and lets the administrator have control over the screen saver timeout period by enforcing maximum and minimum timeouts.

Because the administrator has central control security options, he can remotely manage all Screen Pass settings. He can also record events to application event log or text file.

And after the defined idle period has exceeded, Screen Pass can be configured to auto log off. With Screen Pass, the administrator can limit the screen saver selections available to the user.

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