Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For duplicate files, use Clone Remover

Save the trouble of not being sufficient of free disk space, despite hundreds of gigabytes available on your hard disk.

To check this defect, make use of your hard disk to its optimum use, and to have the best duplicate file finder, use the new Moleskinsoft folder structure analysis program-Clone Remover software. The program combines highly important elements as simplicity, convenience in work, interactivity, reliability and functionality.

Simple commands unite the principle of the best duplicate file finder. The simpler, the better in all its best decision factors.

Alongside with simplicity is convenience of the Clone Remover software. That is, there are no heavy tools panels, difficult commands and functions which you have to learn for some days or weeks.

Clone Remover is as interactive as it is simple and convenient. This is made possible by a dialogue mode user work built in the original exchange of commands and their performance.

And of course, the program is reliable and functional. This is provided with high quality of program coding which does not leave a place to any bugs and errors. The program realizes all functions necessary for the best duplicate file finder: search of duplicate files, the data filter, selection of types of duplicate files for search, search both in standard directories and “non-standard” ones - archives and network disks.

And yes, theMoleskinsoft folder structure analysis program-Clone Remover keeps the results in a separate duplicate file for your files’ safety.


binaryman said...

I use Directory Report http://www.file-utilities.com

Jackie said...

The photo duplicate finder is Image Comparer! I am using it for several years and still wondering how the program is able to detect resized or rotated duplicates as well. And it works fast with my Nikon RAW files.

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